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Ups and Downs - Week Seven

Audio File: 170813_Sermon.mp3 (27.35MB)

<p>The Lord wants to grow us, to stretch us.  Are we willing to let him move us and push us so that we can experience MORE of what He has in store for us?</p>

Ups and Downs - Week Six

Audio File: 170806_Sermon.mp3 (37.06MB)

<p>"Who is God? And what does that mean for me?  Because right now — I’m tired.  I feel overwhelmed, I’m not sure I can do this.”  If that's how you feel, then this message is for you!!</p>

Ups and Downs - Week Five

Audio File: 170730_Sermon.mp3 (27.40MB)

<p>To Post or Not to Post --- THAT is the question</p> <p>Or it seems like the main question today.  What in my life is for public consumption?  What should I be shouting from the mountaintop?</p>

Ups and Downs - Week Four

Audio File: 170723_Sermon.mp3 (28.80MB)

<p>Sometimes you get that message that shakes you to your core.  What do you do when your heart is shaken?  How do you respond?  God gave Isaiah the answer we need.  Dr. Graham shares that answer in this message from our Ups and Downs series!</p>

Ups and Downs - Week Three

Audio File: 170709_Sermon.mp3 (34.06MB)

<p>Ups &; Downs continues with a look at how our relationship with God develops.  How do I respond to a holy God?  What will he expect of me?</p>

Ups and Downs - Week Two

Audio File: 170702_sermon.mp3 (14.13MB)

<p>This Sunday, Dr. Graham speaks briefly about symptoms of a confused society as a part of the patriotic presentation by the CBC worship team.</p>

Ups and Downs - Week One

Audio File: 170625_Sermon.mp3 (28.68MB)

<p>Join Dr. Graham as we begin a new series on the ups and downs of life from the book of Isaiah.</p>

You've Got Issues - week 7

Audio File: 170618_Sermon.mp3 (30.59MB)

<p>How much of your success is your hard work?  How much is God's grace?And how do those two things work together?  In this message, Pastor Jim will teach us how to make a "grace sandwich."  </p>

You've Got Issues - Week 6

Audio File: 170611_Sermon.mp3 (33.11MB)

<p>"You've Got Issues" but there is one magic ingredient that overcomes all of our issues. Do you have it? Are you living a life that's filled with this secret ingredient? Don't miss out on learning about the one thing we need as you listen to this sermon by Dr. Graham.</p>

You've Got Issues - Week 5

Audio File: 170528_Sermon.mp3 (25.82MB)

<p>"You've Got Issues" and the issue this week is one you probably don't want to talk about --- your body.  It definitely causes issues!  Paul said to honor God with our bodies. So who's in charge?  You or your body?</p>

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