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Connections - Week 3

Audio File: 180311_Sermon.mp3 (24.40MB)

Do you set goals?  Short-term and long-term goals?  Do your long-term goals determine the short-term or vice-versa?  What about eternal goals?  Do you have them as well and how do they fit in?  This message by Dr. Graham delves into what Paul said to the Philippians about goals. 

Connections - Week 2

Audio File: 180304_SERMON.mp3 (24.63MB)

In week two of Connections we ask these questions:  How do we connect to each other in the faith?  Is it by being nice?  Is it because we like each other? What binds us together?

Connections - Week 1

Audio File: 180225_Sermon.mp3 (29.13MB)

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed — like, I hope someone doesn’t say the wrong thing right now or might just cry, or explode, or something.   Probably everyone gets like that.  So what can you do for me and what can I do for you to help?  Philippians 1 gives us some great instruction that we can probably use RIGHT now.  Listen to this message by our pastor - Dr. Jim Graham.

I Married a Sinner

Audio File: 180211_sermon.mp3 (24.87MB)

You probably realize this —— but if you’re married — you married a sinner!  So what does that mean for you?!  What do you do? In this message, we’re going to see what Scripture teaches us about how to live when you’re married to a sinner. 

Five Purposes of the Church - Week 5

Audio File: 180204_Sermon.mp3 (24.99MB)

Are you in training to become wise?  Are you working toward growth and moving to another level in your walk with Christ?  Are you helping someone else get to another level?  This message winds up the Five Purposes of the Church.

Five Purposes of the Church - Week 4

Audio File: 180128_Sermon.mp3 (31.78MB)

What are the five purposes of the church?  Worship, Fellowship, Evangelism, and ????  Purpose #4 is Helping Others -- Showing Compassion.  In this message you will be challenged to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Five Purposes of the Church - Week 3

Audio File: 180121_Sermon.mp3 (24.66MB)

Listen to this powerful message from week 3 of the five purposes of the church -- to go and tell others the gospel -- the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Five Purposes of the Church - Week 2

Audio File: 180114_Sermon.mp3 (22.69MB)

Purpose #2 of the church is to fellowship.  Attending church is not just about MY worship and MY growth --- it's about being part of the body and how I can invest in others.

Five Purposes of the Church - Week 1

Audio File: 180107_sermon.mp3 (22.60MB)

One of the main purposes of our church is to worship.  Why do we meet together to worship?  That’s a 2-part question — why worship?  and why together?   We are looking forward to starting the new year together talking about the whys of church.

God's Christmas Wish List - Week 5

Audio File: 171217_082500_MZ001.mp3 (34.96MB)

Last week we learned that God wants us to celebrate his provision by resting.  This week — we also celebrate by doing!   See you Sunday!

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