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You've Got Issues - week 7

Audio File: 170618_Sermon.mp3 (30.59MB)

<p>How much of your success is your hard work?  How much is God's grace?And how do those two things work together?  In this message, Pastor Jim will teach us how to make a "grace sandwich."  </p>

You've Got Issues - Week 6

Audio File: 170611_Sermon.mp3 (33.11MB)

<p>"You've Got Issues" but there is one magic ingredient that overcomes all of our issues. Do you have it? Are you living a life that's filled with this secret ingredient? Don't miss out on learning about the one thing we need as you listen to this sermon by Dr. Graham.</p>

You've Got Issues - Week 5

Audio File: 170528_Sermon.mp3 (25.82MB)

<p>"You've Got Issues" and the issue this week is one you probably don't want to talk about --- your body.  It definitely causes issues!  Paul said to honor God with our bodies. So who's in charge?  You or your body?</p>

You've Got Issues - Week 4

Audio File: 170521_105700_MZ001.mp3 (21.22MB)

<p>Last week we asked where we draw the line with others?  This week Dr. Graham will teach us four questions to ask to determine where we draw the line with ourselves!</p>

You've Got Issues - Week 3

Audio File: 170514_082500_MZ001.mp3 (36.70MB)

<p>"You've Got Issues."  And issue # 2 is knowing what to do when someone you know is walking on a destructive path.  Do you correct them, help them, avoid them, teach them, shun them?  What do you do?  We'll see what Paul had to say about it tomorrow morning!</p>

You've Got Issues - Week 2

Audio File: 170507_sermon.mp3 (31.98MB)

<p>"You've Got Issues."  And issue #1 is something called Worldliness.  It's a condition that affects our ability to connect with and to understand what God is telling us.</p>

You've Got Issues - Week 1

Audio File: 170430_Sermon.mp3 (27.62MB)

<p>We begin a new series called "You've Got Issues."  And we all do!  But are you going to be all right anyway?  We're going to talk about our issues over the next few weeks.  Today's message lays the foundation for dealing with our problems.  Where do you stand with God?</p>

It's ALL Wrong - Week 8

Audio File: 170423_sermon.mp3 (28.88MB)

<p>Comparison is the death of contentment.  Will you follow no matter what other's do?</p>

It's ALL Wrong - Week 7

Audio File: 170416_sermon.mp3 (28.43MB)

<p>We've been talking about things that are all wrong, but this message is about something that makes things ALL right!! The Resurrection of Jesus!!  And how the power of the resurrection can affect your life every day.</p>

It's ALL Wrong - Week 6

Audio File: 170409_sermon.mp3 (27.66MB)

<p>Pilate tried everything to get out of dealing with Jesus.  He didn't want to make a decision about Jesus.  Do we use similar tactics to avoid Him? </p>

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