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God's Christmas Wish List - Week 4

Audio File: 171210_082500_MZ001.mp3 (29.18MB)

God's Christmas Wish List includes things He wants us to celebrate.  One of those things is to celebrate how he provides for us.  Because he provides, we can trust Him.  And we can trust Him enough to stop and rest!

God's Christmas Wish List - Week 3

Audio File: 171203_105700_MZ001.mp3 (28.69MB)

What else can we bring to God as an offering?  We can offer our confession -- the acknowledgment of our sin -- so that we can be restored in our relationship with Him.

God's Christmas Wish List - Week 2

Audio File: 171126_sermon.mp3 (38.38MB)

Pastor Jim shares with us the three main reasons that God gives us to thank Him as we focus on gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

God's Christmas Wish List - Week 1

Audio File: 171119_Sermon.mp3 (27.74MB)

It’s time to make those Christmas lists!  If God were making one, what would he ask for from you?  We’re starting a new series for the holiday season called — God’s Christmas Wish List! Week 1 is How to Bring Your Gift to God

In a Nutshell - Week 4

Audio File: 171105_Sermon.mp3 (26.90MB)

We close out this series from Ephesians by talking about the Home in a Nutshell.  If we address the problem of the heart and the problem of the mouth, we can find ourselves in a much happier home!

In a Nutshell - Week 3

Audio File: 171029_Sermon.mp3 (20.78MB)

What is the Christian life all about?  At its most basic level what are we striving for?  This message answers these questions as we continue studying Ephesians and the Christian Life in a Nutshell.

In a Nutshell - Week 2

Audio File: 171022_Sermon.mp3 (26.12MB)

We are different and yet we join together as a church body.  What did the Lord mean for us to do with all these differences?  Listen as we continue studying Ephesians and the Church in a Nutshell.

In a Nutshell - Week 1

Audio File: 171015_Sermon.mp3 (22.78MB)

We start a new series Sunday called “IN A NUTSHELL” — There’s no way that we can explain the complexities of salvation, the church, the home, or the Christian life in a brief sermon — but over the next four weeks we’re going to look at them in a nutshell.  This week  The GOSPEL in a Nutshell

Searching for a Genuine Believer - Week 7

Audio File: 171008_Sermon.mp3 (27.75MB)

<p>As we come to the end of our series on Searching for Genuine Believers, there is one last characteristic of a true follower of Jesus Christ - telling others about Him!! Don't be afraid to say the name "Jesus."</p>

Searching for a Genuine Believer - Week 6

Audio File: 171001_sermon.mp3 (24.39MB)

Sacrificial Service -- A couple of weeks ago we had an English lesson on prepositions.  This week it’s a math lesson.  In this message, we’re going to learn some formulas which add up to the answer for what is a genuine believer.

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