You have reached the final leg of the journey. How will you share your experiences with others?  Will you invite someone to join you?  Click on the picture to download the final brochure of your 40 Day Spiritual Journey.

Do you have a passion for teaching, helping, leading, showing grace and mercy?  This week's leg of your journey will help you to   uncover your passion and how you can use that to serve Christ.

On this leg of the journey you will be crossing bridges.  You will be challenged to examine relationships - with others, with God - and the role you play in those relationships.  Click on the picture to download a PDF of this week's study.

 As you prepare for any journey, you have to condition yourself. This week is focusing on spiritual conditioning as we walk through Philippians 4:4-13 and learn how to study scripture. Click on the picture to download the PDF version of the brochure.

Sometimes when you go on a journey, you have a tendency to overpack.  What are some things you need to leave behind? As you explore days 8/14, you will discover how to leave your hurts, habits and hang-ups behind.  It is time to get rid of some excess baggage. Click on the cover picture to download this week's brochure.

Every trip starts somewhere and takes preparation. This week we will be getting our "stuff" together for this amazing journey we are about to take. Click on the picture to download a PDF copy of this week's guide and come along with us as we "Pack Up."

When you embark on a hike, you first meet your guide. This week you will do just that - meet your Guide. Click on the picture to download this week's brochure.  Be sure to watch the service on Facebook Live to be introduced to our Guide - Jesus.

As we begin our 40 Day Journey, consider where you really want to be.  Each brochure will be a different leg of the journey.  We pray that you will join us as we take this hike as a church family and individually. Click on the picture to download a PDF version of this week's brochure.  Each week will be available to print. If you would like to receive one by mail, please contact the church office.