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Escape Room


Carl Clodhopper’s lifelong dream was to start his own farm with his wife, Gloria Clementine, an aspiring keyboard player for a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band. After years of scrimping and saving, Carl’s dreams had come true.

At today’s card game, one of Carl’s old army buddies discovered that someone was cheating and he became irate! Carl’s friend left the house to get his gun and promised he’d be back in an hour to…“sort things out.”  Carl swears he’s innocent and even blames you! You have an hour to figure out who was really cheating at cards and get out! Can you escape?!

Help our 2019 Mission Team pay for their trip to Ecuador by purchasing tickets to our Escape Room.

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DNOW 2019- Brand New

February 22-24

A weekend full of worship, fellowship, and laughter is already in the works for 2019... which really isn't that far away.

Cost is $45

Speaker: John Paul Basham

Worship: Jordyn & Kevin

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XFUGE 2019- Restored

July 15-19

Registration for the biggest event of the summer just went live!  Deadline to signup is Wednesday, January 30.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is due at the time you register and the total cost for the trip is $327.

We will be going to Ridgecrest, NC this year where the mountains are beautiful, the air is cooler, and the campus will give you a workout every time you step out your door.  Fun times!

There are only 60 slots left, so don't put off registering if you're interested in going.

Speaker: Curtis Zackary     Worship: Rush of Fools

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