Nursery & Preschool Ministry   


We are not just changing diapers; we are changing lives.

Preschool Sunday School Lesson Video and Activity Pages

Birth through 3 year old nursery

We are proud to announce that we are taking the first steps to re-open the nursery!

Starting October 18, we will be offering the option of child care for birth through 3 year-olds.

*We will not be able to social distance in the nursery.*

For security purposes, children will need to be pre-registered.

The spots will be limited at first so make sure that you sign up quickly for your worship time.

I know we are all excited; thank you for continuing to be patient with us during this trying time.

4yr-Kindergarten Sunday School

Exciting Announcement!!!!!

Coosada Baptist will begin KidsLife Sunday School on October 18th for those in that 10:00am service and October 25th for those in the 9:00am or 10:30am service.

This is  temporary until we return to our regular schedule. 

This is how it will work:


On the week you come to family worship, your 1st-6th grader will attend the praise and worship portion with you.  Prior to the sermon, they will have the opportunity to come out of the service and go upstairs for Sunday School.  After the service, one parent will come and pick up child.

The next week, you will still have access to worship and KidsLife Sunday School videos and materials online at

If you are not scheduled for a worship service, please go online and register.   You will then be able to attend every other week in our family worship.

Parent Child Dedication

We are so excited to join with you in the dedication of your child/children to the Lord. 

Sign up below to participate in Parent Child Dedication. Let us know which service you are attending and your child/children's full name. There will be a mandatory parent orientation on Wednesday, November 4 for all of those who are signed up. 

Please submit a family photo for the service online. 



This is a great way to keep your child plugged during this time.


Stay Up To Date With Preschool!

Hey parents...text CBCPRESCHOOL to 84576 to stay update to all Preschool related information and events. 

Preschool Volunteers go to this link to get setup on our notification system.

Nursery/Preschool Volunteer Signup and Information

 Join the Preschool Ministry and make a difference in the lives of the preschoolers and their parents. If you have questions please contact Nancy at 285-4225/ or her assistant Amy 285-4225/ Signup below to be a part of a very rewarding ministry of our church. Why serve in the Preschool Ministry? 1. God commands us to teach and pass His word on to the next generation. Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Psalm 78:4 2. Preschoolers are not able to teach themselves about God's love or to read His Word yet. They must be taught by adults!

"We know God has big love to share with little lives. We know we are responsible, with God's help, for their spiritual formation...You will be obeying God. Your effort matters for eternity!"                                   

Jean Thomason(AKA Miss PattyCake)


Coosada Baptist Church requires a background check on everyone that cares for our little ones. When you sign up to volunteer in this ministry you will recieve a confirmation email that has a link to complete a background check. Please do this as soon as possible in order to start serving in the area that God has called you to. 


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KidCheck Security System


What is KidCheck? Video

How to setup a KidCheck Account? Video

Children are a blessing from God, and here at Coosada we always want to ensure that we are doing all we can to keep our little blessings in The Pond as safe as possible.

KidCheck is a great tool to help us in that process.

If you are a parent, volunteer, grandparent or guardian, please click on the Sign Up button below and set-up a free KidCheck account.

Each parent, grandparent, guardian, or anyone who drops off/picks a child up must have a KidCheck account. Only one parent needs to list the child(ren) and all of the guardians under their account. The other parent only needs an account that enables them to be able to check the child (ren) in and out.

There are links above that give a little more explaination about KidCheck and how to set up a KidCheck account.  

You need to check your child in using the KidCheck system prior to the service you are attending so that you both can have access to the nursery area. The Kiosks are located throughout the church. 

Classes Available in The Pond

3 year olds and under have nursery care available during all 3 worship hours (8:30,9:45, and 11:00).

Our 4 year olds - Kindergarten come to "BIG church" for worship and then head out to KIDS OWN WORSHIP during the preaching portion of our worship service. Sunday School is also available to this age group at 9:45 or 11:00. 

If your child attends Sunday School during the 9:45 hour, please pick him up from his class and take him to worship with you. He can attend Kids Own Worship during your worship time.

If your child attends worship with you during the 8:30 or the 9:45 hour and goes to Kids Own Worship, please pick him up from Kids Own Worship and take him to Sunday School during your Sunday School hour.


Contact Sarah Shaeffer, Preschool Minister