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Dangerous Prayers - Week 4

Audio File: 201129_Sermon_Rodney.mp3 (30.37MB)

Our 4th installment in Dangerous Prayers is "Humble Me" by Bro. Rodney.

Dangerous Prayers - Week 3

Audio File: 201122_Sermon.mp3 (22.65MB)

It's better to hurt with a purpose than to exist without one.  Our dangerous prayer for this message is "Lord, break my heart."

Dangerous Prayers - Week 2

Audio File: 201115_Sermon.mp3 (31.95MB)

Dangerous Prayer #2 is “speak to me, Lord, I’m listening.” An important part of prayer is NOT talking to God, but listening to Him.  Do you want to hear what He has to say?  

Dangerous Prayers - Week 1

Audio File: 201108_Sermon.mp3 (27.27MB)

We pray a lot of SAFE prayers like “Lord, be with us. Protect us. Bless us.” What if we prayed some dangerous prayers?   MAKE ME BOLD is the first in a series we're calling "Dangerous Prayers."

Press On - 40 Day Spiritual Journey Days 36-40

Audio File: 201101_Sermon.mp3 (21.23MB)

Do you get anxiety about sharing your faith?  Do you feel shame because you don’t? Listen to this practical message on how to have a meaningful conversation about the most important things in life.



Press On - 40 Day Spiritual Journey Days 29-35

Audio File: 201025_Sermon.mp3 (23.40MB)

Over and over the Bible says: Intensity matters. Zeal matters. Wholeheartedness matters. Don’t settle for anything less. Find your passion!

Press On - 40 Day Spiritual Journey Days 22-28

Audio File: 201018_Sermon.mp3 (19.58MB)

In this message we’re going to look at two sides of a bridge and we’re going to ask the question — which side of this bridge am I living on? We’re going to specifically talk about time management and choices and roles. How many hats do you wear and how much time do you wear each hat? Do you have that mapped out in the way that’s pleasing to God? Hopefully you’re going to cross some bridges to a new way of looking at things and doing things.

Press On - 40 Day Spiritual Journey Days 15-21

Audio File: 201011_Sermon.mp3 (27.12MB)

Conditioning is about daily preparation for the big event. Some people train so that their responses are automatic and they don’t panic during chaos.  Some people train so that they have the stamina and the skill when they need it.  As Christians, we take up our cross EVERY day and condition ourselves for the spiritual battles that will come.  

Press On - 40 Day Spiritual Journey Days 8-14

Audio File: 201004_Sermon.mp3 (31.09MB)

If you’re carrying excess baggage on a hike, it will greatly hinder you in reaching your goal. We need to rid ourselves of anything that trips us up or weighs us down.  We have to let go of our hurts, our bad habits, and our hangups. 

Press On - 40 Day Spiritual Journey Days 1-7

Audio File: 200927_Sermon.mp3 (23.72MB)

Great athletes work tirelessly to condition themselves to excel, but their glory is not in the workout. It’s in the win — the trophy — the prize.  This is the same for spiritual discipline.  In this message, we talk about the prize that motivates us on our journey. 

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