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MY STORY -- Week 6

Audio File: 20180708_Sermon.mp3 (26.46MB)

What are you doing here? That's the question that God asks Elijah in 1 Kings 19. Perhaps it's the same question he's whispering to you!

MY STORY -- Week 5

Audio File: Sermon_180701.mp3 (32.17MB)

Sometimes God shows up in big and dramatic ways. Does he do that just to show off? OR Is he convincing you because it’s time for you to make a choice.

MY STORY -- Week 4

Audio File: 2018-06-24_Sermon.mp3 (27.99MB)

In week 4 of My Story we hear the story of a woman in crisis, her son, and a prophet. Was he sent to rescue them? Or were they there to rescue him? Maybe we’re all missing the main point!

MY STORY -- Week 3

Audio File: 180617_Sermon.mp3 (31.59MB)

The third week of MY STORY at CBC is about considering how seemingly trivial things can escalate into full-blown issues. Will you make the right choices in the small things as you write your story?

Questions from Malachi - Week 4

Audio File: 180527_Sermon.mp3 (28.37MB)

You’ve probably been taught not to test God. But there’s one passage of Scripture where He boldly dares us to test Him. He wants to prove to you what He will do if you trust Him in this one area.

Questions from Malachi - Week 3

Audio File: 180520_Sermon.mp3 (21.75MB)

This message addresses the age-old problem of the suffering of the righteous and the prosperity of the wicked. Is God unfair?

Questions from Malachi - Week 2

Audio File: 180513_Sermon.mp3 (25.19MB)

Our 2nd question from Malachi is “Why are we unfaithful to one another?” Maybe we are actually unfaithful to each other in ways we don’t even consider. Listen as God challenges us to be ONE with our spouse.

Questions from Malachi - Week 1

Audio File: 180506_Sermon.mp3 (32.12MB)

In Malachi, God’s people question His love for them because they don’t feel that he’s blessing them. Malachi delivers God’s explanation. Listen in as we discover why God chooses to bless or not!


Audio File: 180429_Sermon.mp3 (27.50MB)

The main question that this message asks is — IS GOD ENOUGH? It’s a life-altering question that every believer struggles with in at least some area.


Audio File: 180422_Sermon.mp3 (31.71MB)

God grants opportunities to those prepared to receive them. Are you prepared? And when the door of opportunity knocks, will you open it and walk through?

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