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I Love My Church - Week 1

Audio File: 190915__Sermon.mp3 (29.57MB)

I love my church because, like Christ, we --- his followers --- strive to be full of grace and full of truth. We love you just the way you are, but we love you enough not to leave you that way.

What to Teach - Week 3

Audio File: 190908__Sermon.mp3 (27.67MB)

This message looks at the real superheroes that DC comics or Marvel should have focused on — SUPERMOM and SUPERWIFE. How in the world can we measure up?

What to Teach - Week 2

Audio File: 190901_Sermon.mp3 (29.53MB)

This Labor Day weekend message is about working for Christ at our regular, everyday jobs.

What to Teach - Week 1

Audio File: 190825_Sermon.mp3 (27.11MB)

This message is especially for the men. Paul told Titus what he should teach the men in the church. So we’re taking advantage of that info as Dr. Graham begins a short series called “What to Teach”.

Unbreakable Resolve - Week 5

Audio File: 190818_Sermon.mp3 (30.56MB)

Unbreakable Resolve continues with Daniel being thrown into a den with hungry lions because of his faith. Are you holding back right now out of fear? What does it take to give us unbreakable resolve even in the face of persecution?

Unbreakable Resolve - Week 4

Audio File: 190811_Sermon.mp3 (29.24MB)

Unbreakable Resolve continues with 2 more amazing stories from Daniel. Are you bold enough to speak the truth? AND Are you humble enough to listen to the truth?

Unbreakable Resolve - Week 3

Audio File: 190804_Sermon.mp3 (26.28MB)

Do you have the UNBREAKABLE RESOLVE to follow Christ rather than compromise your faith or your values? Sunday we will hear the incredible story of three young men who had what’s called an “even if God doesn’t” kind of faith. Even if God doesn’t come through, I will still follow Him.

Unbreakable Resolve - Week 2

Audio File: 190728_Sermon.mp3 (23.33MB)

Week 2 of UNBREAKABLE RESOLVE about the incredible life of Daniel will be an awesome story about what to do in an impossible situation!

Unbreakable Resolve - Week 1

Audio File: 190721_Sermon.mp3 (31.31MB)

UNBREAKABLE RESOLVE is the name of our new series starting this Sunday with the incredible life of Daniel. Can you be resolved to live for Christ in the midst of the culture that surrounds you?

What's Next? - Week 8

Audio File: 190707_Sermon.mp3 (27.05MB)

On Independence Day we celebrate freedom.  This message celebrates our freedom in Christ.  But do God’s commands really set us free?

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