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Not Listening to God - Week 1

Audio File: 200524_Sermon.mp3 (19.93MB)

Sometimes even lost donkeys can be used to achieve God's purpose.  Listen to this message to learn how to realize God's will and purpose for your life.

Listening to God - Week 3

Audio File: 200517_Sermon.mp3 (23.90MB)

God is never satisfied with being second in your life.

Listening to God - Week 2

Audio File: 200510_Sermon.mp3 (24.15MB)

Life brings us to points where it's time to take action. What will you do when that time comes?

Listening to God - Week 1

Audio File: 200503_Sermon.mp3 (25.50MB)

We talk to God, but do we listen to Him? And how do we do that? Listen, as Dr. Jim Graham tells us how to hear from God as live our lives.

How Will You Come Out of COVID-19?

Audio File: 200426_Sermon.mp3 (23.33MB)

How will you come out of the COVID-19 stay at home situation?  Will you come out worse, the same, or better?

The Gospel - Week 5

Audio File: 200419_Sermon.mp3 (26.45MB)

We all want peace with God!  This message is on how to have that peace with God and the importance of sharing that information with others.

The Gospel - Week 4

Audio File: 200412_Sermon.mp3 (19.19MB)

Happy Easter!  HE IS RISEN! The good news is that Jesus Christ died and resurrected so that we could die to sin and LIVE in Him!

The Gospel - Week 3

Audio File: 200405_Sermon.mp3 (18.00MB)

Would you like to know what God is doing?  What is God's will for you?  Paul tells us how to know in Romans 12.

The Gospel - Week 2

Audio File: 200329_Sermon.mp3 (22.73MB)

During the coronavirus situation, here is our 2nd online message from Bro. Jim Graham about the GOOD NEWS.  God always shows up at just the right time!

The Gospel - Week 1

Audio File: 200322_Sermon.mp3 (21.29MB)

Good news in strange times is a message of hope in the midst of the chaos of the coronavirus.  From Romans 8.

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