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VISION 2020 - Week 4

Audio File: 180930_Sermon.mp3 (25.27MB)

Every Christ follower shares a mission --- that is to help others find and follow Jesus Christ.  Listen as our pastor, Dr. Jim Graham, shares a message from God's Word and offers sound Biblical direction for your daily life.

VISION 2020 - Week 3

Audio File: 180923_Sermon.mp3 (27.99MB)

This week Dr. Graham teaches us that we are here to serve not to be served, just like our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

VISION 2020 - Week 1

Audio File: 180909_Sermon.mp3 (24.31MB)

VISION 2020 kicks off with our theme verse from Isaiah 43.  God is doing something new.  It's incomparable to what He's done before. Can you see it?

I CHOOSE - Week 7

Audio File: Sermon_20180902.mp3 (23.31MB)

In Luke 12 “many thousands” gathered around Jesus to hear him teach, but Jesus turned to his disciples - his true followers - and explained to them the difference between a follower and someone who just flocks in to catch a glimpse of the Savior.

I CHOOSE - Week 6

Audio File: 20180826_Sermon.mp3 (26.52MB)

One of the things a lot of people struggle with is praying. Even Jesus’ disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. In this message we’ll look at some common misconceptions about prayer and hopefully leave with a clearer mindset about how to talk to God.

I CHOOSE - Week 5

Audio File: 180819_Sermon.mp3 (27.88MB)

Is there something that the Lord is leading you to do and you’ve responded with some valid rationale to not do it? Are they justifiable reasons or excuses? In this message, Dr. Graham discusses some common excuses that we often think are an acceptable defense for not following Jesus.

I CHOOSE - Week 4

Audio File: 20180812_Sermon.mp3 (24.07MB)

Remember the times when you were young and someone DARED you to do something? And what about the infamous “double dog dare?” Are you the kind of person who likes a challenge? If so, I want you to know that followers of Jesus are often challenged by Him — “dared” if you will. This message takes a look at some of those challenges.

I CHOOSE - Week 3

Audio File: 20180805_Sermon.mp3 (27.84MB)

Do you really understand who Jesus is and what following Him means? What might He do with you if you let Him? Will you let Him?

I CHOOSE - Week 2

Audio File: 20180729_Sermon.mp3 (25.76MB)

When Jesus says “follow me”, how do I do that? What is the right way to respond to the call of Jesus Christ on your life to follow him daily (Lk 9.23)? In Luke 5 we see four great examples of appropriate ways to respond to the call of Christ. So HOW am I responding to Christ?

I CHOOSE -- Week 1

Audio File: 20180722_Sermon.mp3 (24.54MB)

Listen to week one of our new series called “I Choose.” We will be exploring how we respond to Jesus. This message asks the question —— What kind of savior do you want?

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