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The Nature of God - Week 4

Audio File: 210124_Sermon.mp3 (28.55MB)

What Does God Want? - Genesis 11-12

The Tower of Babel

The Nature of God - Week 3

Audio File: 210117_Sermon.mp3 (31.21MB)

File: NoahTimeline.pdf

Is God Trustworthy?

The Nature of God - Week 2

Audio File: 210110_Sermon.mp3 (23.45MB)

Is God Trustworthy?

The Nature of God - Week 1

Audio File: 210103_Sermon.mp3 (24.20MB)

Is God the Creator?

Dangerous Prayers - Week 7

Audio File: 201220_Sermon.mp3 (29.90MB)

Not My Will, But Thine Be Done

If these words and the faith beneath them were enough to carry Jesus through the cross for my sake, they should be enough to carry me through anything in this life for his sake.

Dangerous Prayers - Week 6

Audio File: 201213_Sermon.mp3 (15.63MB)

We pray about what we want God to do for us.  What if we prayed more about what we could do for God?


Dangerous Prayers - Week 5

Audio File: 201206_Sermon.mp3 (18.64MB)

Search me is the dangerous prayer for this week.  Lord, search my heart, what makes me afraid, what makes me worry, uncover my sin.

Dangerous Prayers - Week 4

Audio File: 201129_Sermon_Rodney.mp3 (30.37MB)

Our 4th installment in Dangerous Prayers is "Humble Me" by Bro. Rodney.

Dangerous Prayers - Week 3

Audio File: 201122_Sermon.mp3 (22.65MB)

It's better to hurt with a purpose than to exist without one.  Our dangerous prayer for this message is "Lord, break my heart."

Dangerous Prayers - Week 2

Audio File: 201115_Sermon.mp3 (31.95MB)

Dangerous Prayer #2 is “speak to me, Lord, I’m listening.” An important part of prayer is NOT talking to God, but listening to Him.  Do you want to hear what He has to say?  

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