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God, Where Are You? -- Week 4

Audio File: 181202_Sermon.mp3 (22.94MB)

Do we just pray to ask God to do something FOR us?  Or would it be better to ask God to do something WITH us?  Listen to Dr. Graham's message from Psalm 73 in our "God, Where are You?" series.

God, Where Are You? -- Week 3

Audio File: 181125_Sermon.mp3 (29.73MB)

From Psalm 51 -- When I get far away from God, how do I return/get back to Him?  This prayer from David is a great example of how to do just that.

God, Where Are You? -- Week 2

Audio File: 181118_Sermon.mp3 (25.30MB)

Week 2 of God, Where Are You?   Do you struggle to remember things some times?   I guess we all do.  As we enter a week of giving thanks let’s explore just how important it is to remember!  

God, Where Are You? -- Week 1

Audio File: 181111_Sermon.mp3 (24.44MB)

We begin a brand new series for the holiday season entitled “God, Where Are You?”  It’s based off of the Psalms and ponders the question of where is God when I need Him most.

A Faith that Fills the Emptiness

Audio File: 181104_Sermon_Mark.mp3 (31.53MB)

Listen as Bro. Mark Wilson shares ”A Faith that Fills the Emptiness” from John 4:1-15.  3 ways people fill the emptiness…Rebellion, Religion or Relationship.

The Struggle

Audio File: 181028_Sermon.mp3 (22.67MB)

This message tackles a common question:  When I'm in the midst of a struggle, how do I get back to a place of peace?

VISION 2020 - Week 6

Audio File: 181014_Sermon.mp3 (29.62MB)

We continue with our Vision Series!  How can you be a part of the incredible happenings at Coosada Baptist Church?

VISION 2020 - Week 5

Audio File: 181007_Sermon.mp3 (27.54MB)

We continue with our Vision Series!  Today is about a vision for our church.  Why are we even building?

VISION 2020 - Week 4

Audio File: 180930_Sermon.mp3 (25.27MB)

Every Christ follower shares a mission --- that is to help others find and follow Jesus Christ.  Listen as our pastor, Dr. Jim Graham, shares a message from God's Word and offers sound Biblical direction for your daily life.

VISION 2020 - Week 3

Audio File: 180923_Sermon.mp3 (27.99MB)

This week Dr. Graham teaches us that we are here to serve not to be served, just like our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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