The Big Give - 2016

David Harris - I Believe - The Short Version

I Love My Church - 1

I Love My Church - 3

Mark Wilson - Praise the Lord

Ryan and Nikki McKinnon

Deaf Ministry 2018

The Jordans - One Step at a Time

Zane Kelly - Giving Thanks

Jordan Cox - JoJo on the Go

Donna and Gordon Beasley - God Will Make a Way

Josh Jimenez - Let Them See YOU...

Melanie & Charlie Mulcahy - a Story of Faith

Christy Long on Making a Difference

Cindy & Terry Shirley - Building a Legacy

Lynsey & Craig Ozier - a Real Church

Ann & Ken Champion - Why We Joined Coosada

Cody Bridges - God Makes the Difference

Vision 2020

David Harris - I Believe - The Long (PG) Version

I Love My Church - 2

I Love My Church - 4

Keeley Johnson - I'm Just Thankful

The Bohannons - We're Rich!

Jim and Cyndi Maupin - Enjoy the Journey

Kandie Tucker - Baptism

Abigail Douglas - For the Rest of My Life

Mia and Sandee Cheesman - This Little Light

The Mobleys - There is Power

Jan & Carl Moore on the Right Road

Laura & Brad Smith - Through the Storm

Amanda & Jeremy Hester - People Are Funny

Melanie Langston on Her Small Group

Matt Jimenez - Before & After

Frank & Austin on Small Groups